Real Estate Agents & Brokers in Louisiana

Buying home or any other property is obviously a lifetime investment. The process of finding a suitable property is definitely a hectic job and requires a lot of effort. To make this process easy you can hire services of real estate agents, salespersons and brokers. These persons work in real estate industry and their goal is to find properties for their clients.

Louisiana is an American state located in the Southern region. It is 25th most populous state; therefore the business of real estate industry is on the bloom here. Just like in other states, real estate industry here also comprises of brokers, salespersons and agents. Though, there is a difference in their working but their main objective is the same. Basically, brokers are more superior to salespersons. They can work independently and also under supervision of others. However, salespersons always work under the umbrella of brokers. They scope is limited because they don’t posses experience of operating in real estate industry. Additionally, salespersons are also not allowed to get involved in legal matters.

Services offered by real estate agents, brokers and salespersons in Louisiana

There are three types of services offered by real estate brokers and agents in Louisiana.

Advertising the property

In this service, brokers and salespersons are working for the seller. They will try to find best buyers for the seller. For this purpose, their job is to advertise the property in open houses, newspapers and television ads. They can also contact other brokers and salespersons to find a perfect buyer.


This is entirely the job of brokers. They have links with government institutions that transfer property from seller’s to buyer’s name. Salespersons are not allowed to get themselves involved in legal processes.


Brokers and salespersons play an important role in transactions. Buyer along with his broker sends a written document to the seller’s brokers in which his offer is mentioned. In return, seller sends an invitation about talks. In the negotiation process, both agents and buyer/seller are present. They discuss property matters and pricing issues. If deal is successful, the buyer pays seller promised amount and the seller agrees on transferring property from his/her name to buyer’s name.

Listing Properties

Brokers and salespersons make a list of properties. If broker is a client of seller, than he will present this list to the buyers. The buyer will choose the property that is according to his desires and notifies the broker.

Closing the sale

Once buyer pays promised amount to the seller and property is transferred from seller’s to buyer’s name, the broker closes the sale. In the end, broker will take his commission from the client.

At last, real estate agents, brokers and salespersons work for buyers as well as sellers. Their responsibilities in real estate industry are different but their goal is one that is to help people in finding a suitable property. Last but not the least, if you are looking for any property then it is recommended to consult any real estate broker or salespersons.

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